Music Store Hours : M-Th 1-9 , Sat. 10-4 

Pennington, NJ Music School 


Our mission is to prepare students from all circumstances to make meaningful contributions in the world, first and most importantly as people, and then as performers, composers, teachers, and scholars.

We believe that music is not only an extra curricular activity or something nice to do but a vehicle to enhance character, confidence, persistence, hard work, discipline and patience; be a source of personal and communal joy and intellectual stimulation; reduce anxiety and stress, and increase relaxation; stimulate brain growth and bring pleasure to the individual and the community; create a conduit for self realization and personal growth; to learn a language that is universal, eternal, and connects us to the past, the present and to all mankind; and to appreciate the beauty of organized sound!

We want our students to not only “learn” an instrument but to be a medium of sharing their gifts and joy to others!

To achieve this mission: 

We will provide an exceptional environment that will foster intellectual, personal, and artistic growth of the student. 

We will take an active role in shaping these future musicians by providing excellent arts education program to the community and encourage the students to represent supporters for the arts in society.

We will commit to the diversity of the community by supporting an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

We will attract qualified teachers through the universities, and other referrals.

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